Sunday, October 10, 2010

Antonio Espejo (died 1805), Spanish Colonial Mobile, Alabama 1780-1813.

Antonio Espejo was the son of Bartolo Espejo, of Malaga, Spain. There is little known about his background, his age, or when exactly he arrived, in Mobile. He worked as a Royal Carpenter, at Spanish, Fort Confederation (Fort Tombigbee), in Alabama. He arrived in Mobile and married Catalina Plock (also found as Block, born April 17th, 1781-died September 9th, 1862). Antonio received land grants, in Mobile and the County. He died, in the Yellow Fever outbreak, of 1805 and was buried at the Spanish Cemetery, in downtown Mobile, Campo Santo. His body doesn’t seem to have dis-intered and moved to Church Street Cemetery when it opened. He had children with Catalina but the surname “daughtered out”. His descendant’s include member’s, of the Tankersley and Ingersoll families, of Mobile, Alabama. Catalina Espejo re-married after he passed away and is buried at the Tankersley Lot, in Church Street Cemetery, in downtown Mobile.
Espejo Street, in Mobile, is named after Antonio Espejo and Catherine Street was named after his wife Catalina (Catalina is Spanish, for Catherine). The surname Espejo is properly pronounced Es-Peh-Hoe, the J is pronounced like H, in English, not how some in Mobile pronounce it, Es-Peh-Joe or Es-Pee-Joe. Curious about what the future holds? Click here to find out how you can receive a 10 minute psychic reading from Psychic Source.

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  1. I am searching for documentation or direction on where to find my paternal great grandparents who lived in Mobile in 1862 (before that date and/or after). My grandfather was born in Mobile accdng to family history in 1862. If it exists, I would like to see his birth certificate. Grandfather's first documented name was Arthur St. Clair (1870 census in New Orleans orphanage and 1880 census in Amite LA) First use of the Gibson surname is documented in 1900 census. His father's name was John; mother's Mary (no surnames available to us). Family history has it that John was in Civil War; families got separated; Arthur placed in orphanage. In 1930 census, Arthur's parents are listed as John born in New York; Mary born in Scotland. I have been looking into the availability of city directories in Mobile but am not able to make the trip at this time. These would have been simple, everyday people, not notables. I am trying to pin down their surnames.
    Thanks for any direction you can give.
    Marilyn Gibson Jones