Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cudjoe Kazoola Lewis, from the Slave Ship "The Clotilde" / "The Clotilda".

Cudjoe Kazoola Lewis was bought as a slave on the last slave ship to enter Mobile, Alabama ("The Clotilde" / "The Clotilda" entered the port illegally under cover of darkness, on July 8th, 1860). Cudjoe was the last slave from that shipment to die in Mobile, Alabama and passed away on July 29th, 1935.  He had his wake held at Union Baptist Church at 1pm that day. He estimated his date of birth to have been approx. 1840 / 1841 and was from what is now the Nation of BENIN, of a sub tribe of the Yoruba people. He left many descendants here in Mobile, Alabama who still honor his memory. The photo on the left is of Cudjoe and another Clotide slave named Abache and was taken in the 1910's, in Africa Town, Alabama.

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