Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Spanish Colonial Militia, in Mobile, Alabama, 1780-1813.

The Spanish Garrison here in Mobile was composed of at various times between 1780-1813, of Troop Regiments, from both Spain and her Colonies, including the Fixed Regiment of Louisiana. The defense of the colony included the local Militia, which was composed basically of all the males, who could use a weapon. The Militia was a true family affair and whole families can be found in its composition. The outlying villages and settlements outside Mobile, such as Fish River, in Baldwin County, had both mounted and un-mounted companies, as did a few other locations around the Colony of Spanish West Florida. The Milita was composed of White Creoles, as well as Free “Creoles of Color”. The following individuals have been mentioned in correspondence as being members of the Militia between 1780 and 1813 : 2nd Corp. Alexander Baudin, 1st Lt. Narcisse Broutin, 1st Corp. Julian De Castro, 1st Corp. Bernard Dubroca, Sub.Lt. Jean Baptiste Dubroca, 1st Corp. Louis Dubroca, Lt. Louis Durette, Capt. Miguel Eslava, 2nd Sgt. Jean Baptiste Ham, Capt. Charles LaLande of the Mobile Mulatto and Negro Militia,  2nd Sgt. Matias LeFlore, 1st Lt. Nicolas Mongoulas of the Mobile Mulatto and Negro Militia, Lt. Cornelius McCurtin - of Pensacola detached in 1799, to Mobile, Lt. Augustin Rochon, 2nd Corp. Savari Saucier, 1st Sgt. Jean Trouillet, Capt. Pierre Trouillet.
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