Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Founders of the Creole Social Club, Mobile, Alabama, 1857.

The "Creole Social Club" was founded in October 1857. It was a social club for "Creoles of Color". The majority of the men listed were also members of the "Creole #1" Fire Station, which was originally founded, in 1819, by "Free Men of Color". The founders of the Creole Social Club are listed below in alphabetical order :

1) Felix Andry
2) Pierre Durette
3) J.B. Guisson
4) Robert Inston
5) Henry G. Jones
6) John Joseph
7) Gregorie Laurendine
8) Edward Leige
9) Jules Mitchel
10) Constantine Perez Sr.
11) Demetre Perez
12) Clement Petite
13) M. Petite
14) Theodore Petite
15) John M. Pope
16) Willis Pope
17) Theodore Ramirez
18) Antoine Sauvage
19) Gustave Serra
20) Lucien Serra
21) Vincent Serra
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