Sunday, August 10, 2014

"The Spanish in Colonial Mobile and Alabama, 1780-1813" by John ODonnell Rosales

"The Spanish in Colonial Mobile and Alabama, 1780 and 1813" is a groundbreaking work on Spanish Colonial Alabama. It is not a comprehensive history of the Colony but it has an abundance of information on this "forgotten" Colonial era of Alabama and Spanish Colonial History. It is broken down into small sections and appendix's which include Biographies of some early Spanish settlers, lists and information on Forts and Posts, Governors, Commander's, Payrolls, Slave Owners, known Spanish Military dead buried in Mobile and Alabama, The Roman Catholic Church, Mardi Gras, list of the "Oath of Allegiance" to Spain taken in 1781, the list of the Spanish Colonial Militia, the Revolutionary War in Alabama, The Spanish language in Alabama, Voodoo (Santeria and Palo), information on White Creoles and "Creoles of Color", Legends and Stories from the Spanish Period as well as general History from the era. There has never been anything like this written for the 33 years that Spain ruled Alabama, as a Colony. This book is an automatic "Alabama History Classic" and a "must have" for anyone living in Mobile, Alabama and for any student or scholar interested in Alabama History, general Gulf Coast History or Spanish Colonial History. It is also a "Treasure Trove" for professional genealogists and amateur family history enthusiasts. You can buy a copy for $9.99 by clicking below.


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